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How to create a healthier, happier workplace


A happy worker is a productive, healthy and engaged worker. It is clear that what employees want from a job nowadays has changed dramatically. No longer is a large paycheck enough to get the best talent on board but office culture and workplace environment are critical factors in attracting and retaining the best in your industry.

Luckily career site Glassdoor , who hears from thousands of workers, has some suggestions. As an HR practitioner here are eight practical things you can implement today to create a positive and healthy work environment this year.

  • Standing Desk

Sitting for a long time hunched over a computer is terribly bad for your physical health. Introducing desks that allow employees to sit or stand when they feel like will help keep their muscles moving and blood flowing and keep them healthy for years to come.

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  • A comfortable space

Make sure your office has enough space for everyone to feel like they have their own individual workspace but also close enough to be able to talk and collaborate. The right size office is essential to getting the best out of staff and area to relax and eat lunch and make a cup of coffee will allow your staff to build meaningful relationships

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  • Reward hard work

Creating incentives and rewarding staff when they reach milestones on a project will keep them engaged. Setting goals that are challenging but achievable. Recognition goes a long way in making people feel valued and want to give their best. Even small things like a coffee or lunch will make them feel appreciated.

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  • Connect your team

Creating great relationships between team members will help foster a bond and unity to achieve their best. But not just working on projects together find opportunities to break the ice and get to know each other and create a personal connection that will help improve productivity.

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  • Bring the outdoors inside

Adding plants to the office helps improve air quality and can help remove pollutants. Plants make the officer happier, improve your mood and have a calming effect on most people. Green leafy plants work best but be careful not to overwhelm the space.

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  • Clean Air

A lot of people suffer from allergies that can be made worse by chemicals in the paint, carpeting or furniture. Maybe you can't change these big things you could get an air purifier for different spots in the office that has a HEPA filter to catch and filtrate dirt particles in the air keep the office pollution free.

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  • Go Green

By going green I mean the actual colour, not the environmentally friendly type of green. The colour green has been linked to creativity and if you can't paint a wall add ornaments art or backdrops. Sage and sea-foam green are both relaxing and get you in a more creative mood.

Of course being more environmentally friendly too will have a great impact on office morale. Being eco-friendly shows that you are both socially and environmentally conscious.

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  • Conflict

It might seem counter-intuitive to want conflict in the office but healthy debates and differences can create some truly unique ideas. Think outside of the box and use disagreement as a launchpad to creating something great.

Bridgette_08_01_2018_healthy work environment_conflict_istock

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