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How Singapore’s new integrated transport hub will improve workplace safety

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Apart from providing greater convenience to commuters, Singapore’s newest integrated transport hub (ITH) at Bukit Panjang will also feature several technological innovations to improve workplace safety.

According to a joint press release by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore and SMRT, the four new workforce oriented features are:

Traffic Management System (TMS)

The traffic management system (TMS) installed at the Bukit Panjang ITH will help enhance safety by detecting the movement of vehicles and increases bus captains’ visual awareness of bus movements within the bus parking area. TMS not only assists bus captains in bus parking but also better supports them to meet the timeliness of bus schedules by reducing unnecessary time wasted in bus parking.

Cosy lounge with bus captain information panel

The cosy lounge will allow bus captains to have a good rest between shifts. Inside the lounge, the bus captain information panel will provide them with bus schedule timings, and display safety messages to remind them to keep safe when they are on the roads.

Bus Captain Management System (BCMS) kiosk and application

Apart from the bus captain information panel, the cosy lounges will also feature Bus Captain Management System (BCMS) terminals where bus captains can easily check on their work schedules, leave application status and retrieve their payslips. The BCMS is also available as a mobile phone app, so bus captains can perform these functions remotely, and receive notifications from operations supervisors.


To provide more variety and choice of food for bus captains and staff working in the new ITH, the ITH will feature two kitchens and canteens.

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