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How Hongkongers celebrate typhoon day

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For those of you who were “secretly” praying for Typhoon Hato to come to Hong Kong last night, your prayers have been answered. The Hong Kong Observatory raised the No 8 signal at around 5:30am early this morning.

At 9:10am the No 10 signal was issued, with the storm expected to be closest to the city this afternoon. In other word, most workers are guaranteed not just a half day, but a full day off.

Overwhelmed by the possibility of having an extra day off, workers already began yesterday to discuss ways to make most out of the day.

Here is a wrap-up of what employees plan to do today as discussed on the internet.

Party time
Singing karaoke, playing Mahjong and going to yum cha are among the most popular leisure activities to do on a typhoon day, according to this post on Hong Kong Discussion Group. Going to see a movie is also a popular choice.

Family day
For employees with children, it is a great time for some family bonding. The family gets to spend quality time together without the distraction of kids having to attend classes and parents having to take calls from their bosses.

Business as usual
With modern day technology, there is no way to escape work. Even if one is not physically in the office, a lot can still be done via the computer. One netizen shared he woke up for his morning workout, ate breakfast, and got down to business as usual.

The haters
The writer of this blog post on Hong Kong Discussion Group complained most of the restaurants are closed, leaving him without a place to enjoy breakfast. But his complaint was quickly shot down by respondents who told him to have sympathy for workers in the service industry who need to report to work in the terrible weather.

Some companies will also have a few bitter employees who applied for annual leave today and now wish they never did.

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