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How a ‘genius’ HR policy could have caused a security breach

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Studies have revealed the HR department poses the biggest security risk to firms and this proposed policy at a local company confirms HR people are in fact the biggest corporate security threats.

According to a blog post shared on Hong Kong Discussion Group, a HR manager came up with a “genius” idea to enhance staff engagement – sticking fancy stickers with the company logo and name onto all staff cards. The staff cards act as a key card for employees to enter the office.

The manager’s reasoning was the eye-catching design of the staff card would be a morale booster for the workforce.

In response to the manager’s idea:

Employee A asked: “Do you stick your home address to your door key?”

Employee B weighed in: “Kind-hearted people will bring your lost key to you if you have your address on it.”

Employee C weighted in: “Yeah! He will borrow your bathroom before kindly putting the key on the dinner table for you.”

The post did not mention whether the “genius” idea had been proposed to management, but merely the discussion of such an idea is flat out a head scratcher.

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