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HongKongers’ nightmare workplaces

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“Why do people living in the New Territories have to go to Hong Kong Island to work?” is a thorny manpower mismatch issue that the government and employers have failed to address year after year.

Residents living in Yuen Long, Tuen Mun, and Tin Shui Wai are stuck in traffic for more than an hour every day, trying to get to work on Hong Kong Island.

Employers located in remote locations are offering higher salaries or travel allowances to attract talent but if given a choice, most employees would rather live closer to where they work.   This blog post on Heawork proposed the five most hated office locations for HongKongers.  Do you agree? Or what is your nightmare working location?

1. Cyberport
Unless you are a wealthy resident at Residence Bel-Air, you would not find working at the high-tech, ocean view offices at Cyberport to be appealing.

Shuttle buses are available to pick up employees at different locations but the issue with this is most employees need to leave before 6:30 if they want to catch the shuttle.  Not to mention the shuttle buses are pretty pricey.

Many employees also consider Cyberport to be a terrible place to have lunch, choices are limited and prices are unattractive.

2. Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate
Think about the underprivileged living in slums next to a rubbish mountain.  Working at Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate is more or less the same with the landfill just across the street.  The smell is unbearable, especially during summer.

3. Science Park
Like Cyberport, it is another ocean view, high tech office space located in the middle of nowhere.  You can ride a bike to get there if you want, but the majority of the office-goers get there by shuttle buses.

In terms of lunch options, it is a little better than Cyberport, but still far from ideal.

4.  Airport
Besides the fact that it is really far away, there is also a psychological issue.  It is depressing for workers to go to work every day seeing happy travellers with their suitcases going on amazing vacations.

5. Tai Po Industrial Estate
Things can never go right in an industrial area, with factories pumping out fumes and huge trucks ruling the roads.  Lack of lunch options is another glaring issue.  Some bigger employers have a staff canteen, however, it is not uncommon for everyone in the office to bring lunch from home at smaller companies.

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