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HKBN reforms group medical insurance scheme to cover all talents

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HKBN Group has announced that it will roll out a highly re-balanced medical insurance scheme, according to the company’s internal letter to all employees. The new insurance scheme is applicable to all Hong Kong based talents working for Hong Kong Broadband Network and HKBN Enterprise Solutions.

Under the new scheme, all Hong Kong based staff can enjoy uniform medical protection regardless of title or rank.

This revamp re-distributes the higher tier medical welfare expenses previously limited to management personnel to non-management talents. Under the new scheme, more than 1,500 junior level and front-line staff, which account for over 90% of HKBN’s workforce in Hong Kong, will stand to benefit from enhanced medical insurance protection, whilst the top 10% management level will have the option to personally top up to their preferred levels at discounted group rates.

Believing that medical coverage is not an executive perk but a basic safety net entitlement for all employees, the telecom company has adopted a pioneering and egalitarian approach to implement company-wide equal medical protection.

The new plan, which takes effect in September 2018, includes coverage for general and specialist outpatient consultations, inpatient consultations, surgical operations, Chinese medical consultations, physiotherapy and more. The reimbursement for each general outpatient consultation will be increased by up to 76%, while that for operating theatre charges and surgeon’s fee, up to 100%.

Leveraging HKBN’s buying power and economies of scale, the company has also secured discounted rates for employees to voluntarily purchase individual medical benefit schemes, should they wish to upgrade to premium coverage for themselves or their dependents.

HKBN co-owner and group COO, NiQ Lai said, “Working on the assumption that life and medical insurance are basic safety net protections, we believe all HKBNers should be treated equal, irrespective of title or rank. This all-new medical coverage approach is another step forward in how we ‘Make our Hong Kong a better place to live’ and how we hope to inspire other companies to follow.’’

Joseph Lee, general manager of sales & distribution division of Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited, said, “For the majority of enterprises in Hong Kong, group medical insurance plans with different tiers of benefit coverage are typically provided based on employees’ grade levels and seniority. We welcome HKBN’s new initiative to implement an across-the-board medical insurance scheme, offering the same level of medical benefits to all its Talents.”

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