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Has your office got monster hunting fever?

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Famous mobile game Monster Hunter has been sweeping Hong Kong. Many employees have turned into part-time, even full-time hunters to capture their precious creatures. But how does the game affect the ambience and productivity in the workplace?

A recent post on Heawork shared some of the symptoms indicating that employees are indulging in monster hunting:

  • More employees are late for work
  • Employees get off at six sharp
  • When they see a computer monitor, they will think and talk about “Mon Hun (Monster Hunter)”
  • When the boss asks them to monitor their work, they will think and talk about “Mon Hun” again
  • When a group of colleagues goes to have lunch at Mango Tree at Elements, they will think and talk about “Mon Hun” again and again
  • No one can ever be in touch with them after work

Playing mobile games might help relieve work pressure, but excessive playing could harm productivity and relationships with colleagues. HR professionals, it’s time to come up with some new ideas to divert employees’ attention from the game.

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