Single workers still on the look-out for their ‘one and only’ might need to look no further than the next cubicle.

A survey by CareerBuilder found that 30% of colleagues who dated each other ended up walking down the aisle together.

The top industries for finding your long-lasting love include information technology, financial services, healthcare and hospitality

The new research of 4,216 employees found 39% had dated a co-worker at least once during their working lives, with 29% of them saying they dated a colleague higher up the food chain.

Another 16% admitted they had had a relationship with the boss.

According to CareerBuilder, women were more likely than men to date a colleague higher up than them – 38% compared to 21%.

However, the chances of finding love outside the office is still high, with 12% of those surveyed saying they started dating someone after running into them in public. The same percentage said happy hours at bars often led to long-term flings.