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Faces of HR: National Museum of the Philippines' Angelo Macario reveals 3 key steps to transform today's talent

Faces of HR: National Museum of the Philippines' Angelo Macario reveals 3 key steps to transform today's talent

Through his personal experience with a supervisor, Angelo Macario explains how being given the freedom and authority to make decisions, as long as there was a clear understanding of the expected results, allowed him to become independent and confident in his role.

Angelo Salamaat Macario, Chief Human Resource Officer, National Museum of the Philippines strongly believes in the transformative power of a competency-based approach when it comes to human resources development (HRD). 

He feels that this type of HRD not only ensures employees possess the skills that are essential and beneficial for the business but also empowers them to identify their strengths and areas for improvement and ultimately, this approach will enable employees to feel valued, recognised, and motivated by their competency development.

Angelo has been an HR Practitioner for almost 19 years with experience in both the Philippine private and public sectors.

He champions and advocates the 'equal employment opportunity' principle and promotes inclusivity and diversity in the workplace by onboarding talents regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and conditions. 

Rising from the ranks, he has been associated with all facets of human resource and organisational development — from HR administration, to management and development, and always promotes his team with the principle of integrity, compassion. The leader also believes in taking the high road at all times in life. 

Prior to his session at HRO's first-ever ⁠Transform Talent Philippines 2024, Angelo speaks with Mary Ann Bundukin. He shares how his experience in becoming confident and independent highlighted the importance of empowering employees with freedom, authority, and decision-making power.

Q. Thinking back to your first day in HR, what is the most important learning that sticks with you until today?

In 2005, I landed my first job as an HR assistant working with a multinational company (FMCG) in Paco, Manila through a third-party supplier assisting HRBPs. The most important learning that sticks with me until today is when my supervisor asked me to deliver an output but I was somehow puzzled about how to perform the task. Upon consultation with her, she uttered these exact words, “I don’t care how you do it, just do it.

At first, I did not understand what she meant but then I realised that with these strong words, she gave me freedom, authority, and the power to make and stand with my decisions, find my way, and become independent in performing my roles as long as we have a common understanding of the output and deliverables at the end of the day.

Q.  What steps do you believe are necessary to transform today's talent into the talent that the business needs?

The steps I believe are necessary to transform today’s talent into the talent that business needs are the following:

  • Give the employees a clear direction of the organisational objectives. The mission, vision, core values, mandate, and strategic objectives of the company must be communicated to all, to have a common understanding and have a unified act in the achievement of the organisational goals. Moreover, this would give value to each employee's contribution in realising the organisational vision.
  • Give employees authority to make decisions within the parameters and boundaries of their roles. This will lead to empower them to do more with less supervision. In this regard, they have the liberty to innovate and discover new ways of working that are more effective and efficient to them.
  • Give employees room to grow and improve in the organisation through career advancement and continuing professional training. If the organisation has limitations on salary increase the management could provide learning intervention through training, fellowship, scholarship, short courses, and the like to hone their skills and develop new competencies.

Q. Could you share emerging trends that you believe will have the most significant impact on HR in the next few years?

A competency-based human resource system (CBHRS) may offer several benefits for both employees and the whole organisation. Few of these benefits are the alignment of learning & development with organisational goals, providing a clear framework for measuring performance, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, supporting career development and mobility, and enhancing employee engagement and retention.

This type of HRD ensures that employees have the competencies that are relevant and valuable for the business, while also encouraging them to identify their strengths and gaps, seek feedback, and explore different roles that match their competencies and interests, Ultimately, it enables employees to feel valued, recognised, and motivated by their competency development. (Citing LinkedIn research)

  • Human resource information system
  • Flexible work arrangement
  • Career Pathing and Succession Planning

Q. What are you most looking forward to in your session at #TransformTalentPH?

I am looking forward to [attendees of] Transform Talent PH being aware of effective and efficient ways of talent acquisition, management, and retention.

The new approach to HR integration from recruitment, learning & development, performance management, and rewards & recognition.

To have future-ready talents with a strong foundation in the coming years.

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