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Facebook announces update on workplace relationship policy

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In the wake of the Google walkout two weeks ago, Facebook updated its Workplace Relationship policy on Friday. The tech giant announced the abolition of forced arbitration for sexual harassment complaints and updated its workplace relationship policy.

Facebook no longer requests workers to settle sexual harassment claims through arbitration, a private legal proceeding. Employees can now file public lawsuits against the company and the accusers.

To avoid employees receiving unwanted romantic attention from fellow colleagues, Facebook has established six rules for inter office dating:

  1. If you ask a co-worker out and that invitation does not result in a date, do not ask again.
  2. You may not ask out colleagues whom you have never met. For example, it is not appropriate to find someone on wiki and message or otherwise reach out to them seeking a date or letting them know you think they are attractive.
  3. We have rules around being in a relationship with someone in your line of reporting. If you do start a relationship with someone in your management chain, it must be disclosed to HR. There are situations where you might not have a direct reporting relationship, but if you have influence over your significant other’s projects, performance feedback or rating, it may be a conflict of interest and you should report it to HR.
  4. If you are dating or married to a co-worker and the relationship ends, you must remain professional to one another while at work.
  5. If you are in a relationship with someone at the company (from dating through to marriage), you may not provide performance feedback about them, including peer feedback during PSC, nor should you attempt to influence their compensation, rating or promotion.
  6. If you are a director or above and you start a relationship with someone at the company in any organisation, you must report this to HR.

“Today, we are publishing our updated Workplace Relationship policy and amending our arbitration agreements to make arbitration a choice rather than a requirement in sexual harassment claims. Sexual harassment is something that we take very seriously and there is no place for it at Facebook,” said Anthony Harrison, a Facebook representative.

Google’s sexual harassment policy was changed after 20,000 employees staged a global walkout to protest the company’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations.

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