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Does working these jobs enhance your chance to meet rich people?

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If you think this is an article about working jobs to meet rich men or women and then marry them, you are completely missing the point.

As per the Chinese saying “When away from home, you rely on your friends”, we are focusing on jobs that will enhance one’s chances of make friends with the rich and powerful. It’s not about encouraging snobbish behaviour. As a matter of fact, many successful people made it to the top by working hard and gaining support from others.

The team at Economic Digest has made a list of the careers that are more likely to let you meet rich people, we have highlighted some of the best below.

1. Insurance agent
This is a no-brainer. Befriending wealthy people and getting to know them and their family so you can sell them suitable products is one of the major goals of being an insurance agent. A successful insurance agent does more than provide quality customer service, they become friends with clients.

2. Finance journalist
Journalist is not a rewarding career in terms of financial returns. The average salary in the industry is nowhere close to the “at least HK$40,000 to HK$50,000 a month” that founder and chairman of firms Galaxy Entertainment Group and K. Wah International Holdings, Lui Che Woo, thinks they make.

But for finance journalists who know how to build good relationships with tycoons and the Mr Big Shots they interview regularly, they might be able to get some insights on how to get rich.

3. Working in public relations
Those working in public relations are tasked with serving CEOs and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries. By nature those who work in public relations are presentable and have strong communication skills. So when the boss is unavailable, it is not unlikely management will send someone from the public relations department to mingle with important guests.

4. Personal trainer
Many wealthy people are well-aware of the importance of exercise and are willing to spend money on a trainer to work out or play golf with them. So being a trainer certainly boosts one’s chance to make friends with the rich.

5. Flight attendant
Many business tycoons and senior executives fly first class regularly when on business trips, and flight attendants have the chance to interact with them during the flight. Whether they’re able to make friends with them is another story, but at least the chance is there.

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