A RM2,000 bonus for civil servants with good disciplinary records has been announced by the DAP-led Penang government yesterday.

The announcement was made by chief minister Lim Guan Eng in the tabling of Penang’s 2018 state budget at the State Legislative Assembly.

The chief minister also revealed that the bonus payment would be paid in full before the end of 2017, and that civil servants without a good disciplinary record, as determined by Dato Seri State Secretary, will still be paid RM1,000.

It was also stated that the cash bonus shall be applicable to all civil servants under the Penang Island City Council, Seberang Perai Municipal Council, and the state government agencies.

He also added that teachers of religious schools, KAFA teachers and independent Chinese school teachers would also receive a bonus of RM300, while teachers in tahfiz, pondok schools and Islamic kindergarten, would receive RM200.

“‘A budget for the many’ is our value statement which reflects the core values of the Pakatan Harapan Penang state government. It is the ordinary people, the men and women on the streets, working families that we must take care of,” said Lim in his preamble.

Photo / 123RF