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Cathay Pacific flight attendant, hr

Cathay Dragon puts an end to its ‘skirts-only’ rule

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Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Flight Attendants Association (FAA) has successfully gained the right to wear pants to work for female flight attendants, according to Channel NewsAsia.

Pauline Mak, vice-chairperson of FAA, told the news channel that the change would take place during the next uniform refresh, which is expected to be in three year’s time at the soonest.

“We welcome and appreciate the company’s decision on giving us an option in choosing uniforms,” Mak told Channel NewsAsia. “It not only provides us one more option, but also provides us with protection.”

The union has started negotiations with the airline about the cancellation of “skirts-only” rule since early March by referring to the same practice as other Asian airlines such as Korean Air and Asiana Airlines.

The union said it was unendurable for many female cabin crew to wear skirts to work during cold days, and they should be given choices as male cabin crew who were allowed to wear short-sleeve shirts instead of full suit when on duty during summer since last year.

Channel NewsAsia also reported that Cathay Pacific, parent company of Cathay Dragon, would re-evaluate the uniforms for Cathay Pacific and Cathy Dragon.

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