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Bizarre HR: Job interviews gone awry

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There are many ways to stand out in a job interview but wearing pajamas and slippers instead of a business attire to the meeting will not be the smartest choice.

Staffing firm Robert Half has compiled the most bizarre interview blunders that surveyed HR and hiring managers have encountered for the past nine years, starting in 2002.

Below are some examples of what not to do in an interview:

“A job applicant came in for an interview with a cockatoo on his shoulder.”

“The candidate sent his sister to interview in his place.”

“One candidate sang all of her responses to interview questions.”

“When asked if he had any questions for the hiring manager, the candidate replied with a knock-knock joke.”

“One candidate handcuffed himself to the desk during the interview.”

What not to say:

“When asked why she was leaving her current job, the applicant said, ‘My manager is a jerk. All managers are jerks.'”

“I interviewed someone who had a jawbreaker in her mouth during the entire interview.”

“One individual said we had nice benefits, which was good because he was going to need to take a lot of leave in the next year.”

“The applicant told me he really was not interested in the position, but he liked that we allowed for a lot of time off.”

“An individual applied for a customer service job, and when asked what he might not like about the job, he said, ‘dealing with people.'”

“The candidate said she would really prefer a job offer from our competitor.”

“After being complimented on his choice of college and the [results] he achieved, the candidate replied, ‘I’m glad that got your attention. I didn’t really go there.'”

What not to wear:

“An applicant wore the uniform from his former employer.”

“The candidate arrived in a cat suit.”

“A person came to the interview in pajamas with slippers.”

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