First generation HR is out the window – that we can all agree on – but exactly how much adaptation is needed by HR practitioners to be able to fulfill growing business requirements?

The idea of change can be overwhelming, particularly when dramatic people shifts need to happen swiftly, but knowing exactly what HR needs to transform from and to is key to being able to move forward as a function.

At The Futurist on April 23rd, Joydeep Bose, president and global head of HR at Olam International, will speak about how much HR really needs to evolve in order to maintain its place in the modern business world.

Bose will also discuss exactly how this transformation can begin to take place at your organisation, as well as what steps HR leaders can take now to pave a clear path for future success.

The Futurist will take place on April 23rd at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore.

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