Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) inaugurated the new BPI Makati Main Branch, its biggest branch in the Makati Central Business District. The current footprint of 2,943 sqm will be expanded come December 2020, adding another 179 sqm.

The new branch is intended to serve all client segments and will offer specialized banking services.

BPI Makati Main is sectioned into five different parts, each with its own function corresponding to retail banking, preferred banking, private banking, offices, and shared spaces and utilities. The branch has lounges for preferred clients and meeting spaces for retail clients.

“We envision high-value interactions with our clients in our branches to complement the efficiency and convenience of our digital channels,” said BPI president and CEO Cezar P. Consing.

The design of the flagship branch is reflective of BPI’s heritage, highlighting how the bank looks to the future while valuing its rich history of 168 years.

“While we provide the tools that allow our clients to do self-service with high tech, it is important that we have high quality face-to-face interactions with them as well. When clients visit the branch, we ought to make it worth their while,” Consing said. “It’s about combining high tech with high touch,” he added.