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Are these the reasons stopping your team from leaving on time?

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Hong Kong’s working class leads the world in working hours at 50 a week and the boss is an easy target to blame for the endless work day. But besides the boss, there are five key factors that keep staff in the office, according to ET Net.

1. An unlimited number of emails
When one is occupied with the tasks on hand, there is little time to check email. So when theworkday is about to end but there are 10 urgent emails waiting to be answered, it leaves you with no choice but to work overtime.

Solution: Set aside some time throughout the day to check emails, to avoid missing important emails and the pain of staying behind to answer them.

2. Long queue for the bathroom
Everybody wants to visit the bathroom before they leave the office, making overcrowding a really annoying problem. You can choose to wait in the queue, visit the bathroom at the nearby mall, or wait till you get home if you do not live far away.

Solution: Timing is the key to success, always go early if you can to avoid the crowd.

3. Phone ringing non-stop
The phone ringing at 5.55pm is the most annoying. Workers ended up leaving really late due to handling urgent queries from clients.

Solution: Try to finish the call as soon as you can but if it is an urgent matter, you just have to suck it up.

4. Packing up
Phone, staff card, wallet, tissue paper – workers often leave something behind on their way out of the office. These forgetful workers end up having to come back  for their stuff, after they have already stepped out of the building.

Solution: Do the right thing and make a checklist for stuff you need to take home, or simply start packing a little earlier.

5. Chit-chatting
You run into a colleague in the corridor and he or she cannot stop talking about the latest events of his or her live.

Solution: Be a good colleague, just say hi and bye when you sense your colleague is on his or her way to an appointment. There will be plenty of time to chat at lunch the next day.

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