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Are job-hopping Millennials less happy?


O.C. Tanner recently conducted a global study on workplace culture, surveying nearly 10,000 employees from 12 countries around the world.

According to the 5,142 Millennials who were part of the survey, there is a strong association between the number of jobs that Millennials have had and their discontent with their current organisation.

In fact, the data showed that Millennials who job hop are not connecting with the companies or their executives, and are not feeling valued. They report that their job is not only stressful, but that it’s actually having a negative effect on their physical health.

The survey showed that a majority (60%) of Millennials have worked at two to four organisations, while 24% of them have worked at five or more organisations.

Out of the same 60% that have worked at 2 to 4 organisations, they cite that they feel like their organisation only care for profits (43%), stagnant or stuck in their current role (45%), and are often bored with their work responsibilities (41%).

Not only that, 42% of this group cite that their job causes a great deal of stress in their life and that they don’t trust their manager (28%) with a negative effect on their physical health (36%). Additionally, 46% of them feel like their skills are underutilised in the current role.

While the release stated that many people try different jobs at the beginning of their careers, but at a certain point job hopping appears to negatively impact a person’s outlook on their career and their current organisation.

It said: “Millennials who have a tendency to change jobs frequently feel underutilised, stagnant, stressed out and bored at work.”

“This often becomes a repetitive cycle: A person feels unhappy and undervalued, so they switch jobs, but constantly switching jobs leads a person to feel increasingly unhappy and undervalued. How can companies help millennial workers break this cycle?” it continued.

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