The Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia (Angkasa) has proposed the setting up of workers' cooperatives to safeguard the staff welfare in the industrial sector, Bernama reported.

According to its president Datuk Abdul Fattah Abdullah, Angkasa is prepared to assist companies that are interested in setting up such cooperatives in their factories, "although there are still very few industrial cooperatives locally as compared to foreign countries."

Speaking at a press conference yesterday (10 September), he said: "There are already several cooperatives in the government agencies and departments, but not in the industrial sector. By participating in cooperative businesses, factory workers will be able to enjoy benefits to reduce their cost of living."

He further added that these cooperative businesses could also be expanded to include child nurseries and retail stores that could both be useful to factory staff as well as provide employment opportunities.

Datuk Abdul Fattah said this following the opening of the Angkasa building's Kedah branch earlier in the day.