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Amorepacific Hong Kong initiates holiday perks for all employees

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Starting in February, Korean beauty enterprise Amorepacific Hong Kong implemented a non-paid 30-day “mega holiday plan” and a 40-day paid holiday for occasions such as birthdays, marriages, body checks, driving licence tests, on top of offering annual leave.

Amorepacific owns well-known cosmetic and skincare brands Laneige, Sulwhasoo and Etude House, and provides beauty and spa services. Front line employees, beauticians and massage therapists are high in demand. Apart from the high turnover rate which is typical in the sales and beauty sector, widespread absenteeism is also a huge issue.

The 30-day non-paid “mega holiday plan” is targeted at 20 to 30-year-old female employees who are avid travellers or are mothers of young children.

Employees can submit their leave application at the beginning or in the middle of the year, so managers have a grasp on the month they may face a labour shortage so they can arrange recruitment or internal employee relocation in advance.

The upper limit of the paid holidays is 40 days. Employees can apply for a day-off under circumstances such as birthdays, matrimony (five days), compassionate circumstances (three days), anniversary, body checks, flight delays, identity card or passport replacements, bachelor/master/doctorate degree graduation, pet adoption and house moving.

Amorepacific Hong Kong employees reportedly receive 12 to 20 annual paid leave days.

The story was first reported by HK01.
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