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All you need to know about Hong Kong HR salaries

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When it comes to pay, almost 90% of surveyed employees in Asia expect their base salary to increase at their next review with their manager. Hong Kong HR professionals looking to ask for a raise can consult Hudson’s salary guide to see where they stand.

Hudson HR salary table

Hudson HR salary table
The guide is part of Hudson’s latests research report Asia Talent Trends 2017, which reflects the views on talent trends of almost 3,500 employers and employees across Asia.

Are you a Hong Kong HR professional who can partner with the business for strategic decision making? Then you’re in high demand, but also less likely to make a move. According to the report, they’ll stay put unless they can see opportunities for career develoment and a broader scope of work.

This is in contrast to the general findings of the report, which show that only 17% of Hong Kong employees surveyed said they were planning to stay in their current job, while 30% were actively seeking a new role.

For those who are looking for a new employer, opportunities are slim as few organisations are hiring new HR professionals. Especially the MNCs and banks operating in Hong Kong are moving towards a HR shared services model, using locations outside of Hong Kong to reduce overheads associated with HR administration and transactional jobs.

As a result, few organisations intend to hire for new HR roles in 2017, but most are replacing headcount if someone resigns.

HR professionals looking to improve their standing in the market may want to focus on the following technical and soft skills which Hudson identified as the most in-demand:

Most in-demand technical skills

  1. Regional talent acquisition
  2. Change and transformation management
  3. Regional compensation and benefits
  4. HR shared services
  5. HR analytics

 Most in-demand soft skills

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Drive for results
  3. Driving and managing change
  4. Learning agility
  5. Stakeholder engagement

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