1. Some forward-thinking employers are now stepping in and working with professional expat networks as a speedway to social integration. The expat network provides a newly arrived employees with the opportunity to connect with other expats, find people who share the same interests, and participate in regular leisure activities. This allows employees to be more focused at work and not have to worry about what to do after working hours.
Why? International hires are frequently expected to pick up the reins even faster than regular employees, especially if their know-how is essential to a project’s success. This leaves them with less time to socialize outside of work

2.  Some companies therefore offer their employees a membership in a local sports club or cultural organization.

3. Offer highly individualized personal support such as how to find a trustworthy babysitter, how to behae during appointments with the immigration officer, how to enroll your children in schol etc.

4. Offer chances to meet locals

mployers should not forget that making local friends can be a challenge. Among the international hires participating in the InterNations survey, 48% considered this as difficult. It can pose a problem even during the second or third year of their stay in the new home country. There are many reasons why employers should help their international hires break out from the expat bubble. International hires who spend leisure time with locals may settle in faster in their new home country and resist thoughts about a premature departure. Also, they may feel more confident to build professional contacts with locals which benefit their employer’s business.

5. social integrations that include spouses