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2019’s hottest jobs for fresh graduates

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Most final-year university students in Hong Kong finished their courses in April or May, and since summer is coming to an end, many have either secured a job or started looking for one.

Ctpgoodjobs revealed that there are more job vacancies for university fresh graduates this year than in 2018. And here are the top 10 most popular positions among fresh graduates and their median starting salary per month.

  1. Programmer (HK$21,000)
  2. Technician (HK$18,000)
  3. Clerk (HK$13,000)
  4. Sales (HK$15,000)
  5. Customer service representative (HK$14,000)
  6. Administrative assistant (HK$13,500)
  7. Analyst Programmer (HK$29,000)
  8. Tutor (HK$15,000)
  9. Sales Manager (HK$25,000)
  10. Retail Sales (HK$17,000)

The recruitment platform also broke down all the full-time, part-time, temporary and internship job openings. Her are the industries with the biggest talent demand:

  1. Hospitality and catering (12,449 job openings)
  2. Retail (11,346 job openings)
  3. IT (8,986 job openings)
  4. Human Resources (6,019 job openings)
  5. Finance (4,839 job openings)


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