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CSR important to cadidates

2 out of 5 candidates favour employers who care

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An active CSR strategy and involvement with charitable giving isn’t just good for the community. New research reveals the business case for companies who care, as it could help attract new talent.

According to research conducted by Regus, charity and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are key issues for employees globally. Out of the 40,000 respondents worldwide, 47% reported that it’s important to them for their employer to be involved in charity work.

Significantly, 43% said that when presented with equal job offers from two different companies, they would choose to join the most charitable company. “Businesses with a proven interest in society are therefore better able to attract and retain top staff”, Regus concludes in a press release.

“Today’s employees are clearly driven by much more than an egotistical compulsion to get ahead and clearly state that they would prefer working for a company with a good social track record. Involvement in charitable activities projects an image of a positive and responsible organisation, but also helps workers feel proud of where they work”, commented Natina Wong, country manager of Hong Kong in a statement.

Hong Kong respondents themselves felt a little less strongly about their employer’s charity work, with only 40% stating they found it important for their employer to be involved in it. However, 45% still said they would choose the more charitable company when presented with two equal job offers.

In both Singapore and Malaysia, respondents seem to slightly contradict themselves. 48% of Singaporean respondents found it important to have a charitable employer, but only 42% said they’d prefer the more charitable company in the case of two equal job offers.

In Malaysia, more than half (52%) of respondents stated their employer’s involvement in charity work is important to them, yet only 37% would actually let it influence their job choice.

The numbers show that although employees would like their employer to have charity and CSR high on the agenda, they don’t necessarily need to know all the details.

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