New year, new goals but being a leader goes beyond making sure team goals are met. It is, in the words of Tacy Byham, global CEO at DDI, about “lighting a fire underneath their people – to get them going, manage their work, get all that done.”

In this special holiday edition of our HR Bulletin, we give recognition to the efforts made by these 10 seniors who left us with some pearls of wisdom to carry into the new year.

The atmosphere I consistently cultivate in each market encourages openness, creativity and inclusion.
- Alok Ghose, regional MD and cluster leader, Philips Lighting. Full interview here.


Our people strategy is critical to our success. They are the heartbeat of the organisation and that is why it is essential to make them feel included in every possible way.
- Swadheen Sharma, managing director, Mondelēz Malaysia. Full interview here.


The idea that every employee must share a vision and sense of direction is very important.
- Piyush Gupta, CEO of DBS Group. Full interview here.


You can’t be saying something and doing something else, then people would be left wondering.
- Susan Chong, founder and CEO, Greenpac. Full interview here.


One key factor that has contributed to our success is openness – and my definition of being open encompasses several areas. Firstly, we are open to diversity and culture differences.
- Takeshi Umiyama, managing director, OWNDAYS Singapore. Full interview here.


The most valuable asset of any entity is its people. However, for such matters, there are always going to be some intricacies to navigate.
- Seah Kian Peng, CEO, NTUC FairPrice. Full interview here.


The aspect of being disciplined and good at execution, and being very creative is crucial in building a strong second and third line.
- Luc Andreani, managing director, foodpanda Singapore. Full interview here.


There really is no secret to success. It is lots of hard work and great planning.
- Toby Koh, group MD, Ademco Security Group. Full interview here.


It is essential to find work that is intellectually demanding and stimulates you so one is motivated and able to make a difference.
- Gordon Cameron, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International. Full interview here.


My goal is to ensure we continuously grow the skill sets of our current staff and help identify future needs.
- Suite Talk: Kevin Huang, CEO, Pixels. Full interview here.

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