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Winning Secrets: Far East Hospitality prioritises employees' safety & security through a focus on 3Ps

Winning Secrets: Far East Hospitality prioritises employees' safety & security through a focus on 3Ps

Prevention, preparation, and prediction — these are what guide the company's strategy that, alongside safety & security, ensures business continuity with minimal damage, the team at Far East Hospitality shares.

Far East Hospitality, a home-grown hospitality management company with an international presence, thrives on a 'Singapore-inspired' approach that centres on four key attributes:

  • Providing guests with comfort without having to pay for the excess,
  • Giving attention to the guests without any pretention,
  • Focusing on the hotels' aesthetics without being ostentatious, and
  • Being relevant to guests' needs with a touch of elegance.

With a focus on this, the team at Far East Hospitality clinched the bronze award for 'Best Crisis Management and Leadership' at HRO's annual⁠ Employee Experience Awards 2024 in Singapore.

Following its victory, the team sat down with HRO to share more about how it prioritises the safety and security of its employees through a focus on the 3Ps — Prevention, preparation, and prediction.

Q How would you describe the pillars of your employee experience strategy, and what are the principles you have taken into account to develop this? 

In light of the increasing number of cyberattacks worldwide, our company has developed a comprehensive business continuity plan to safeguard our operations in Singapore and abroad. Our strategy is guided by our 3Ps — Prevention, preparation, and prediction. Our goal is to ensure the safety and security of our employees, clients, and partners, as well as the continuity of our business operations with minimal damage. 

Q In a world propelled by rapid change, what measures do you have in place to maintain a people-centric, human approach to your EX as it evolves? 

For prevention, we believe that employee engagement is key. We raise awareness among all our employees by providing them with four mandatory cyber security training sessions each year. These sessions are conducted through various learning platforms and include real-life scenarios and case studies that are contextualised to our business.  

We prioritise employee communication and training, including scenario-based exercises that help prepare our staff to respond effectively to cyberattacks. Our goal is to prevent attacks before they occur and minimise their impact. 

Q What initiatives do you undertake such that the delivery of employee experience is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders in the organisation? 

We have established 'Communications Call Trees' for all our global operations, using various platforms, to ensure prompt and immediate sharing or alerting of any anomalies or security breaches. The Call Trees are organised by function, with separate trees for leaders and front office staff. We also conduct frequent cybersecurity exercises and role plays to ensure that our employees are prepared to take responsibility for their actions, which not only saves the enterprise but also potentially saves themselves from falling prey to scams. 

Q Finally, do you have words of wisdom to share with others in the industry on the best ways to maintain a consistent and beautiful employee experience, and what positive impacts have you seen this have on both the business and the workforce?

It is critical that one must not be complacent.  

The recent cybersecurity attack helped us identify the strengths and weaknesses in our business strategy, structure, systems, processes, and products. During the crisis, we had to streamline our processes, which was challenging but ultimately successful.  

At FEH, our employees are our top priority. Our workplace culture fosters trust and excellence, and we provide our employees with the necessary skills, tools, and learning opportunities to succeed.  

Our success is built on a shared language and workplace culture, encapsulated in the acronym ACTS OF GRACE (Attitude, Customer, Team, Savviness, Observation, Fulfilment, Gratitude, Responsiveness, Anticipation, Change, Engender Trust). We will continue to strive to be the employer of choice. We are privileged to contribute to the remarkable collaboration between the public and private sectors during times of crisis. It is inspiring to see everyone come together to overcome challenges. 

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