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Why corporate volunteering is not mere charity

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HandsOn and Nielson surveyed 524 Hongkongers in early November 2018 and published “The role of volunteering on individual and corporate” report on the working force’s attitude towards corporate volunteering, with 78% wishing they had more time outside of work to volunteer and contribute to society.

The top five negative emotions in the workplace were tired (73%), upset (48%), anxious and insecure (46%), overwhelmed (38%) and helpless (36%).

The majority agreed volunteering had successfully overcome boredom (89%), reduced loneliness (84%), improved one’s mental health and wellbeing (83%), empowered themselves and reduced the gloom of depression(82%).

Meanwhile, 94% appreciated when their employer provided volunteering opportunities, with 86% agreeing that corporate voluntary activities help team building, lift employees’ spirits (84%), and boost the sense of belonging to a company (80%).

Current landscape

Forty five per cent of respondents’ companies have provided individual volunteering with pay, while 91% have set a paid day for individual volunteering.

Volunteer Movement, set up by the Social Welfare Department in September 1997, reported there were currently more than 1.3 million registered volunteers and 3,200 participating organisations as at the end of September 2018. About 900 non-government organisations and corporations have been taking part in Volunteer Movement.

Other than stereotypical volunteering activities such as beach cleaning, hospital visits, tree planting or community outreach, volunteer opportunities can range from software programming, marketing, social media specialists, event planning to home cleaning and repair.

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