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When it comes to recruiting new hires, employers no longer have all the power. Job seekers are armed with more information than ever about a company and want to know certain details even before they hit “apply”.

Whether this shift of power is a result of increased employer transparency or increased research efforts by candidates, it’s a trend companies should be aware of in order to use it to their advantage.

That concludes ManpowerGroup’s Global Candidate Preferences Survey, in which 14,000 respondents from 19 different employment markets across the world shared what matters most to them in the job search process. The accompanying report The Rise of the Well-Informed Candidate sets out what kind of information matters most to candidates, providing employers with insights on how to attract the best candidates.

According to the report, employers should apply three main tactics when attracting information-hungry talent.

1. Reach the right talent where they are

Candidates consider company websites to be the number one source of information, the report states. As such, employers need to recognise the importance of the content on their website and the potential of their HR portals to build employer brand and increase access to the information candidates are seeking.

2. Be open to new conversations and new ways of having them

To meet the information expectations of candidates, employers should consider being open to sharing more information about their company. This includes more transparency about compensation and benefits, and potentially disclosing information earlier on in the recruitment process.

3. Monitor the buzz

It is important for organisations to understand how they are being talked about and perceived on channels they do not own – like social media and employer review sites like Glassdoor. While control is limited, there is always an ability to respond and often, educate, the report finds.

Commenting on the findings, Jim McCoy, vice president and global practice leader at ManpowerGroup Solutions said, “Easy access to information has changed the way individuals find jobs and jobs find individuals. As organisations across the globe continue to report difficulties filling roles, understanding candidate preferences is critical.”

He added, “Candidates worldwide want to be able to visualise themselves in an organisation. They want to know about compensation and benefits. It’s time for employers to move beyond the final interview disclosure to being up-front and open and own the conversation.”

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