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Traits of troublemakers at work

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How to deal with troublesome colleagues is an evergreen topic for HR professionals. Difficult co-workers are not uncommon in any company. The challenge for HR, however, is how to spot them out.

On a recent post on Hong Kong Discuss Forum, netizens shared some of the characteristics of troublemakers at work that might help you detoxify the workplace.

1. When you raise a problem, he or she will tell you to find solutions yourself; when you find your own solution to solve the problem, he or she will blame you for not communicating with him/her first.

2. A subordinate pretends to be a supervisor and doesn’t report the problem to the real supervisor.

3. Saying that it isn’t his/her scope of work when someone asks for his/her help.

4. Shirking responsibilities, finding excuses or passing the buck onto others when there’s any problem.

5. Pulling sickies all the time.

6. Pretending to be your friend but stabbing you in the back.

7. Colleagues need to keep fixing his/her mistakes.

8. Forming cliques and gossiping.

9. Incompetent colleagues who know nothing but apple-polishing.

10. Taking credit for others’ work.

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