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Top 5 danger signs an employee is about to quit

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The end of the calendar year and the arrival of Chinese New Year are generally times of great flux in Hong Kong offices with many employees considering greener pastures – or better offers – elsewhere.

It’s a time when HR needs to have their antennae out for possible sudden departures. A recent study suggested that over half over HR professionals can tell when one of their employees is about to leave the organisation. Think you can spot a defector?

Here are five warning signs that one of your staff is about to hand in their notice.

#1 They’re not at workAn employee who is beginning to take more than their usual allotment of annual leave and sick leave. This is a telltale sign that they could be making for the door.

#2 They’re dissatisfiedA shift in an employee’s attitude, such as becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their work or an increase in the number of complaints could herald their intention to quit.

#3 They became agitatorsAn employee who has typically been a peacekeeper but now has evolved into someone who causes friction or conflict in the workplace may be having a change of heart about their place of employment.

#4 They’re always lateThis is not to be confused with the occasional tardiness – such as when they’re stuck in a morning traffic jam – which can be overlooked. But if being late to the office becomes a habit, this could be a sign they are about to resign.

#5 They don’t aim to pleaseAn employee who no longer appears interested in impressing their manager or supervisor could be about to hand in their notice.

Parts of this article first appeared on the Seek website.

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