Self-belief, time management, and career planning - these are the top three skills working parents in Asia Pacific desire for career progression, a recent survey on working parents has found.

Published by Talking Talent, the survey involved 5,030 working parents (about 1,000 per country) from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India and Australia, born between 1956 and 2000.

One of the questions posed to these respondents was: "What skills do you think would significantly help your career progression as a parent?"

To this, 2,125 (43.7%) of respondents agreed self-belief/confidence would be the best skill to help them progress in their careers.

In total, the top 10 skills working parents in APAC desire for career progression:

#1 Self-belief/confidence #2 Time management/personal organisation #3 Career planning #4 Organisational skills #5 Networking #6 Leadership #7 Managing personal wellbeing #8 Managing people #9 Change management #10 Ability to bounce back/resilience

We highlighted the data on the top three most-wanted skills below:

#1 Self-belief/confidence

When the data was broken down by country, China had the most number of respondents who felt so, with 254 fathers and 253 mothers rating the skill #1. India came in second, followed by Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong.



#2 Time management/personal organisation

Among the fathers who participated in the survey, the fathers in India (261, or 50.5%) topped the list in wanting time management/personal organisation as a skill for career progression, followed by 228 Singaporean fathers.

Just 148 fathers in Australia desired this skill, in contrast to 222 mothers from the country - the second highest number behind Singaporean mothers (282).

#3 Career planning

The country that most desired this skill was India, with 248 fathers and 212 mothers (48% and 42% respectively) choosing it.

On the other hand, 105 fathers in Hong Kong and 97 mothers desire career planning as an important skills for progression.



View the full infographic below:



Lead image / iStock Infographic / Talking Talent