Just in time for Halloween, a new CareerBuilder study finds out which U.S. cities are the most and least likely to be overrun by the walking dead in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Gauging the survival rates based on concentration of occupational skills and industries, the study finds that among the 53 largest U.S. metropolitan areas (with more than 1 million residents), the city that's least likely to survive was New York City, NY.

If you're living in New York City, it's best to move out ASAP once you see the dead start to rise -  a separate CareerBuilder survey pointed out that 36% of workers would feast on their co-workers if they were a zombie.

The index scores cities based on eight different factors in four categories: ability to defend against the virus, ability to contain the virus, ability to find a cure and ability to outlast the epidemic with an ample food supply.

Here are the 10 cities that are least likely to survive:

New York City, NY Defense score: 12.44 Containment score: -10.08 Cure  score: 4.33 Food score: 1.99 Total score: 8.69

Tampa, FL Defense score: 6.07 Containment score: 2.33 Cure score: 2.97 Food score: 1.52 Total score: 12.89

Los Angeles, CA Defense score: 7.37 Containment score: 0.68 Cure score: 3.89 Food score: 1.70 Total score: 13.65

Riverside, CA Defense score: 4.44 Containment score: 4.99 Cure score: 0 Food score: 7.30 Total score: 16.72

Miami, FL Defense score: 12.67 Containment score: 1.10 Cure score: 1.57 Food score: 2.78 Total score: 18.11

Atlanta, GA Defense score: 6.73 Containment score: 5.87 Cure score: 2.65 Food score: 3.30 Total score: 18.56

Buffalo, NY Defense score: 10.23 Containment score: 3.35 Cure score: 3.38 Food score: 1.83 Total score: 18.80

Tucson, AZ Defense score: 10.88 Containment score: 1.59 Cure score: 6.40 Food score: 0.52 Total score: 19.40

Chicago, IL Defense score: 9.74 Containment score: 0.63 Cure score: 2.34 Food score: 6.73 Total score: 19.44

Detroit, MI Defense score: 2.03 Containment score: 14.50 Cure score: 2.10 Food score: 1.32 Total score: 19.94

If you're wondering which cities you should move to, Boston, MA is the top choice as it is the city that is the most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Here are the 10 cities that are most likely to survive:

Boston, MA Defense score: 13.69 Containment score: 11.05 Cure score: 20 Food score: 3.59 Total score: 48.33

Kansas City, MO Defense score: 23.38 Containment score: 10.02 Cure score: 4.53 Food score: 3.10 Total score: 41.03

Salt Lake City, UT Defense score: 8.29 Containment score: 18.61 Cure score: 10.49 Food score: 3.62 Total score: 41.01

Baltimore, MD Defense score: 17.55 Containment score: 7.68 Cure score: 11.56 Food score: 2.79 Total score: 39.58

San Diego, CA Defense score: 16.44 Containment score: 9.89 Cure score: 11.69 Food score: 1.41 Total score: 39.43

Seattle, WA Defense score: 9.58 Containment score: 17.86 Cure score: 8.45 Food score: 1.99 Total score: 37.88

Denver, CO Defense score: 7.82 Containment score: 20.03 Cure score: 6.39 Food score: 3.58 Total score: 37.82

Virginia Beach, VA Defense score: 22.38 Containment score: 10.61 Cure score: 2.76 Food score: 1.79 Total score: 37.54

Hartford, CT Defense score: 17.28 Containment score: 9.07 Cure score: 5.80 Food score: 3.32 Total score: 35.47

Minneapolis, MN Defense score: 17.51 Containment score: 8.19 Cure score: 5.57 Food score: 3.94 Total score: 35.21

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