The Asian cities in the top 20 stand alongside the likes of European and South American cities such as Lisbon (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain), and São Paulo (Brazil). Other notable rankings include Singapore at 22nd, Hong Kong at 33rd, Taipei at 56th, and Beijing at 62nd.

Three cities in Thailand, two in India, one in Indonesia, one in Vietnam, and one in Malaysia fall under the Top 20 category in travel agency Holidu's The Best Cities for a Workation survey. They are Bangkok (1st), Phuket, and Chiang Mai (10th) for Thailand; New Delhi (2nd) and Mumbai (7th) in India; Jakarta (13th) in Indonesia; Hanoi (18th) in Vietnam, and Kuala Lumpur (20th) in Malaysia. These Asian cities stand with the likes of European and South American cities such as Lisbon (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain), and São Paulo (Brazil).

Other countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, its city ranks at 22nd and 33rd respectively. Meanwhile, Taipei (Taiwan) is at 56th, and Beijing (China) is at 62nd.

Based on Holidu's explanation, a workation is an amalgamation of working and vacationing—a trip where you travel to a new destination and work from there for at least part of your stay.

"It’s not quite a fully-fledged holiday where you can start on the cocktails at 11am, because you will still have emails to do and tasks to action, but it does offer a change of scenery and the chance to relax away from home outside working hours.

"A workation allows you to spend more time visiting faraway family members or really exploring a destination without having to drain all of your annual leave," the travel agency explained.

With regard to the analysis, the survey looks at a variety of factors that a remote worker would deem important, which are the monthly cost of a one-bedroom apartment, the number of things to do rated 4-stars and above, the cost of after-work drinks, the average hours of sunshine and, most importantly, the wi-fi speed.

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Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai - Thailand

Bangkok ranks first place in The Best Cities for a Workation. While it's wifi-speed (an average of 28 Mbps) may not be the best as compared to those in other states—like Singapore's 93 Mbps—there are more than 450,000 free wifi spots in Bangkok. Not to mention, approximately 117 co-working spaces available for remote workers to hunker down to work.

Although accommodation might be expensive in Bangkok, its general cost of living is also one of the most affordable in the world. Beyond that, most people in Bangkok also speak English and the boom of Asian investment has led to many multinational companies relocating to there. "Meaning that the city now offers high-class facilities to international entrepreneurs and businessmen," Holidu added.

As for 10th placed Phuket and Chiang Mai, wifi-speed is at 23 Mbps and 26 Mbps respectively; with the number of available co-working spaces at not more than 25. Looking at the cost of accommodation, they are priced at similar levels at £301.08 in Phuket, and at £302.09 in Chiang Mai per month.

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New Delhi and Mumbai - India

As for New Delhi, it ranks second. Just like Bangkok, its average wifi speed is at the lower end (12 Mbps). That said, New Delhi's cost of accommodation—such as a 1-bedroom apartment for a month—is more affordable than Bangkok's. The former is at £415.18, while the latter is at £179.25 per month. The Indian capital is also home to 165 co-working spaces, more than those in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, to name a couple.

Looking at its city relative, Mumbai, its average wifi speed is much higher at 23 Mbps, with 152 co-working spaces available for remote workers. For a 1-bedroom apartment, it costs £419.64 per month. This is more expensive than those in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

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Other Asian cities

These are how other Asian cities compare with one another:

  • 13th - Jakarta, Indonesia: 14 Mbps (wifi speed); 104 (co-working spaces); £338.45 (cost of 1-bedroom apartment per month).
  • 18th - Hanoi, Vietnam: 14 Mbps; 59; £247.44.
  • 20th - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 17 Mbps; 103; £327.98.
  • 22nd - Singapore, Singapore: 93 Mbps; 117; £1,455.77.
  • 33rd - Hong Kong, Hong Kong: 78 Mbps; 183; £1,581.43.
  • 56th - Taipei, Taiwan: 19 Mbps; 60; £521.57.
  • 62nd - Beijing, China: 2 Mbps; 69; £780.74.

Find the full dataset here.

Image / Holidu

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