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The 3 things candidates look at when considering a job offer

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Beyond the paycheck, vacation time is what workers are looking for, revealed a new Accountemps survey.

Asking more than 2,700 workers for their most important factor when considering a job offer, it found that 26% looked at vacation time while corporate culture (24%) and career advancement potential (21%) came in close behind.

Rounding up the top five factors were work-from-home options (11%) and professional development/training (9%).

Digging deeper, the survey revealed that workers aged 55 and older are more interested in paid time off (29%) than those between 35 to 54 (27%) and 18 to 34 (22%).

On the other hand, those aged 18 to 34 preferred career advancement potential (30%) above all else, compared to those between 35 to 54 (22%) and 55 and older (10%).

By gender, female respondents prioritised vacation time (27%) as the key factor in employment decisions, while men felt corporate culture (25%) is most critical.



Michael Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps, said: “In today’s employment market, companies need to put their best foot forward when making job offers and, beyond salary, highlight benefits that could entice candidates. Professionals want to be hired by organisations that support work-life balance and have values that align with their own. An attractive corporate culture can go a long way toward recruiting and retaining top talent.”

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Across the 27 major U.S. cities, staff in Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit valued personal time off most, while those in Boston, Des Monies, and Salt Lake City saw the greatest appeal in corporate culture.


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