Global suppliers of flavours and fragrances, Symrise AG, has recently unveiled SPark, its new 8-storey Asia Pacific innovation and technology centre. The launch marks the completion of phase one in the company’s S$50 million innovation-centric expansion of its regional headquarters in Singapore.

Dr Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, chief executive officer of Symrise AG said: “Asia is fast becoming a key global source of influence and inspiration for innovative food products, with major business, lifestyle, technology, health and nutrition centres like Singapore at the heart of this megatrend.”

“With Singapore being the foundation of our Asian growth story, I believe the new research and innovation facilities will ignite greater collaboration, connectivity and creativity among industry stakeholders to further develop local and regional food research and manufacturing industry capabilities,” he continued.

Designed in accordance with Symrise’s global R&D strategy, the new centre will focus on connecting megatrends, consumer needs, customer requirements, sustainability, innovation and cost efficiency.

With this launch, Symrise Asia Pacific will now be able to offer the same advanced capabilities as its global headquarters in Germany, helping to accelerate the development of innovative products for Singapore food manufacturers looking to expand across the region.

In the press release, Thien Kwee Eng, assistant managing director, Singapore Economic Development Board said: "The establishment of Symrise’s Asia Pacific innovation and technology centre will help to drive co-innovation with brand owners in Singapore and the region. We look forward to partnering with Symrise to further deepen its innovation presence in Singapore, which will in turn strengthen Singapore’s position as Asia’s leading food and nutrition hub."

With recruitment being an on-going process at the the new centre, Lionel Flutto , president (flavour) Asia Pacific of Symrise commented to Human Resources: “The new Symrise Asia Pacific innovation and technology centre represents our unique future-oriented approach to providing the key resources need to support this expected growth, and also address the rising expectations of our customers in the region.” To emphasize the importance of the Asia-Pacific market and our customers in the region, Flutto highlighted that Symrise is the first major firm to base its global sensory and consumer insight function and teams in Asia.

In fact, its global sensory and consumer insight lead has been tasked with building and training new sensory research scientists developing the latest methodologies and taking part in regional and global consumer insights programs.

On that note, Flutto commented: “Symrise recruits and trains flavorists and application specialists to use the decoded sensory insights to develop the Flavors solutions in the final products that consumers love.”

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