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HR Tech Periodic Table

Remember the periodic table? Here’s one for HR tech providers

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CB Insights has recently gifted HR tech with its very own periodic table. The periodic table of HR tech covers 131 privately held HR tech companies, along with the most active HR tech investors and the top 10 exits since 2012.

Companies in the periodic table were chosen based on CB Insights data on total funding, recency of funding, quality of investors, and strength of Mosaic score, which is CB Insights’ predictive algorithm for measuring the health of companies using financial and non-financial signals.

CB Insights Periodic Table

Here are the categories within the periodic table:

Flexible hiring: Reflecting the growing gig-economy and employee’s desire for flexible work schemes, these companies provide a centralised platform for on-demand workers, part-time freelancers or consultants, and part-time jobs. Companies include consultant marketplace Catalant and SnagAJob, a marketplace for part-time hires in the hospitality industry.

Candidate management: This category includes applicant tracking system (ATS) and candidate relationship management (CRM) software which centralise candidate information and provide a platform for companies to collaborate and holistically review applicants. Companies include Greenhouse Software and SmartRecruiters.

Staffing / scheduling: These companies provide software that helps manage staff scheduling, optimise headcount and expenses, and plan for human capital needs – such as Planday and Homebase.

Tech hiring: These companies provide a centralised platform for on-demand technology talent for part-time, freelance, and full-time jobs as well as tools to help screen tech talent. This category appeals to the growing demand for technology talent and includes tech talent vetting marketplaces HackerRank and source{d}.

Job board / resources: These companies provide a centralised platform for businesses to post openings and a marketplace to attract a continuous funnel of talent to fill openings. Some of the companies include Glassdoor and Jobandtalent.

HR automation: This category showcases companies which provide a platform to centralise and bring consistency to onboarding, manage employee profiles, manage employee assessments and time reporting, and provide engagement analytics. Examples being FXiaoKe and OneSource Virtual.

Compensation / benefits: These companies create software that allows other firms to manage payroll, benefits, compliance, and insurance administration. Some companies include Paycor and Justworks.

Workplace culture: These companies help promote workplace goodwill and culture, and administer perks and rewards, such as Perkbox and CyberGrants.

Table and Photo / CB Insights

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