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Number of women in leadership positions on the rise in Hong Kong

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Recent figures have shown there is an increasing number of female workers in Hong Kong taking on the roles of manager and administrators – with a growth rate of 32% since 2011, higher than the growth of male workers (16%).

Robert Half has asked their female recruitment leaders– Andrea Wong, senior division director; Melissa Lau, associate director; Elaine Lam, associate director  in Hong Kong about how they got ahead in the workplace and their helpful tips for women (and men) to drive their career.

“Women should actively display their ambition and direction in the workplace, and regularly communicate to senior leadership their efforts and achievements. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed if you’re seen as a committed and proactive achiever.”

“Regardless of your gender, everyone in the workplace needs to speak up for things they believe in and take the initiative to go beyond traditional job requirements. Success comes down to asking for the right opportunities, not waiting for them to come to you.”

“To succeed in the workplace, you need perseverance when you face challenges, but above all you need to maintain a positive attitude. With this in mind, any woman can succeed in business as long as they produce good results and have confidence in themselves.”

Four tips for career progression:

  • Create an ambitious, adaptable and achievable career plan accompanied by a five-year strategy establishing what you want to achieve, and the skills, experience and people required to get you there.
  • Whatever role you’re in, make the most of it by regularly exceeded expectations. Ensure you learn as much as possible and embrace feedback.
  • Finding a mentor outside your organisation, undertaking training, joining networks, and being aware of market trends and the key issues impacting your role and industry are just a few things you can do to help advance your career.
  • Advancing your career doesn’t mean having a flawless, winning run at everything you attempt. Making mistakes is a critical part of learning and an effective way of finding ways to optimise experiences throughout your professional life.

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