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Mondelēz Malaysia hosts ‘Bring Your Kids to Work’ event

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Mondelēz International (Malaysia) recently hosted a ‘Bring your kids to work’ event, where the team affirmed the importance of embracing trust and an open culture in order to reap the best of a flexible workplace.

The ‘Bring your kids to work’ programme was kick-started in Malaysia in 2014 by the maker of brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk, Oreo, Jacobs, Belvita and Twisties. Per the company’s statement, it was introduced as a way to engage employees’ children to experience first-hand about their parents’ roles in the company.

“We believe employees appreciate the benefits of workplace flexibility, but they are cautious that this could potentially blur the lines between personal and professional time,” said Charlene Phang, HR business lead, Mondelēz International (Malaysia) at the event (pictured below).


She added: “Building mutual trust between the organisation and employees can be achieved by establishing clear ground rules and expectations. The management need sto take the lead byr especting their people’s personal boundaries, while employees should take responsibility and accountability for their respective tasks.”

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Mondelēz International has implemented its flexible working initiative last year. Its ‘Work from Home’ policy allows employees to work remotely, whereas the ‘Flexi-Time’ policy enables them to have flexible work schedules while maintaining efficient business operations.

“These policies were introduced as part of our efforts in fostering a unique sense of belonging among our colleagues centred on diversity, care and fun,” said Charlene.

In addition, Mondelēz International has implemented a Parental Leave Benefit, which provides primary and secondary caregivers with a minimum of 12 weeks and 2 weeks of paid leaves respectively. In addition, the Dependent Care Policy provides employees apart from parents the flexibility to attend to family members in times of need.

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