The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has banned another 15 companies for job advertisements which were not aligned with strict guidelines on fair employment practices.

This brings the total number of companies MOM has taken action against for discriminatory job practices since March this year to 27.

As required from the 10 companies MOM banned in September, employers from the 15 companies must post online public apologies for 30 days.

They are also banned from hiring new foreign workers for a 30 day period, as well as an additional six months following the publication of their public apology.

The firms are: IPM Global Solutions, Link-8 Security, Wanco Manpower, RGF HR Agent, Chiu Teng Enterprises, Cayman Management Consultants, Renaissance Management Services, Talent2 Singapore, La Fondue, Linny Service and Supplies, Singapore Human Resource Consultants, Imag Global Resources, New Channel Manpower International, Ministry of Recruiters and Search Network.

Investigations into discriminatory practices or advertisements by companies are still ongoing.

According to the official press release, MOM "strongly urges" companies and their recruitment agencies to familiarise themselves with the Tripartite Guidelines, which can be accessed at