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Microsoft study reveals top three in-demand skills

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Microsoft’s recent study has revealed that Hong Kong business leaders value soft skills much more than workers expect, while analytical thinking, adaptability and continuous learning, and digital skills are the most critical skills employers are looking for.

Analytical thinking
Technologies such as AI and big data provide access to much more data that helps inform and support key business decision making. As a result, organisations need people who can think analytically and make smarter business decisions based on these insights. Analytical thinking was also listed as the top growing skill by 2022, according to the World Economic Forum.

Adaptability and continuous learning
As AI continues to transform the nature of work, it will lead to the creation of exciting new roles, such as data scientists and AI strategists, across different business functions. According to a study from Microsoft and IDC Asia Pacific, 79% of jobs in Hong Kong are expected to be transformed by 2021 to meet the needs of the digital age. Therefore, it’s essential for all talents, regardless of the educational background, to start developing a growth mindset of lifelong learning to become future-ready.

Digital skills
In a world being transformed by technology, developing digital skillsets is now more important than ever. However, while there’s a growing need for digital skills in areas such as AI, big data and the cloud, there is also a widening skills gap. Businesses should also start looking for new ways to reskill and upskill their workforce to thrive and stay competitive.

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