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Men vs women on essential leadership qualities

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Needless to say, men and women have their differences – ranging from perceptions of the office dress code to their definitions of success. So it isn’t surprising to see differences when it comes to essential leadership qualities (business or political).

New Pew Research Center survey revealed that while there was a general agreement, notable differences were seen in the importance ascribed to some of those qualities.

Zooming in on the business aspect, here are the 12 behaviours and competencies examined arranged according to how similar the views of both genders are.

#1 Be able to work out compromises
All adults: 78%
Men: 77%
Women: 78%
Difference between genders: 1 percentage point (pp)

#2 Be honest and ethical
All adults: 89%
Men: 87%
Women: 91%
Difference between genders: 4pp

#3 Create a safe and respectful workplace
All adults: 89%
Men: 86%
Women: 91%
Difference between genders: 5pp

#4 Work well under pressure
All adults: 72%
Men: 69%
Women: 76%
Difference between genders: 7pp

#5 Provide guidance or mentorship to young employees
All adults: 65%
Men: 61%
Women: 69%
Difference between genders: 8pp

#6 Be willing to take risks
All adults: 42%
Men: 47%
Women: 38%
Difference between genders: 9pp

#7 Negotiate profitable deals
All adults: 68%
Men: 73%
Women: 63%
Difference between genders: 10pp

#8 Value people from different backgrounds
All adults: 68%
Men: 62%
Women: 72%
Difference between genders: 10pp

#9 Be compassionate and empathetic
All adults: 58%
Men: 53%
Women: 63%
Difference between genders: 10pp

#10 Stand up for what they believe in
All adults: 67%
Men: 60%
Women: 73%
Difference between genders: 13pp

#11 Provide fair pay and good benefits
All adults: 84%
Men: 77%
Women: 91%
Difference between genders: 14pp

#12 Consider impact of business decisions on society
All adults: 65%
Men: 58%
Women: 72%
Difference between genders: 14pp

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