Asia Pacific – Today, the question is not whether mobility is fundamental to managing workforce dynamics - instead, the challenge is to specify the right objectives in identifying and using the right platforms to boost efficiency in various HR functions and drive business growth.

How do companies such as Facebook and Digi face this challenge with a technology-oriented workforce? The companies’ HR executives will share their insights at the anticipated HR technology conference, HR Tech Interactive 2015.

“With mobility now the new normal, there has to be a strategy that makes this change not only about flexibility and freedom but also about efficiency,” said Aditi Sharma Kalra, regional editor of Human Resources.

“A major issue which will be examined at HR Tech Interactive is the risks and challenges in setting up mobile platforms and how HR can pinpoint what truly adds value to their companies and overall workforce productivity.”

Now in its third year, HR Tech Interactive 2015 will focus on the areas of HR technology exhaustive research into the HR community has found to represent the most pressing issues for HR professionals in Asia today.

Here is how one of those topics, Mobile HR, will be addressed at the conference:

Bilal Waris, head of HR shared services at Malaysian telco Digi, will be sharing his 10 years of experience in using technology to improve processes for businesses and employee interactions. He will present a case study about the use of mobile devices, social media, and innovative HR technology in performing HR services.

Waris will also demonstrate how Digi integrated new technological capabilities into their culture to enhance all HR processes.

Facebook’s head of human resources APAC, Eriko Talley, will join a panel discussion which will explain how companies can leverage transformative technologies such as mobile, cloud, and social, to outrun competition.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Eriko has worked with a diverse range of companies in Silicon Valley, California in industries from high tech to manufacturing covering over 25 countries in Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Other panellists who will also share their expertise are Norbert Modla of JF Hillebrand Group, Eugene Lam of Kimberly-Clark, Angelina Chua of Oshkosh Corporation and Anna Tan of Wentworth People.

“HR Tech Interactive’s exceptional format and conference activities will allow HR professionals and technology experts and leaders from premier organisations to thoroughly review best practices that will help solve the biggest challenges in using mobile technologies at work,” Nikita Erpini, regional producer at Human Resources magazine.

In addition to Facebook and Digi, some of the other companies represented on the HR Tech Interactive agenda include Merck, Kimberly-Clark, Credit Suisse, OshKosh, and many more. All presenters & panellists, such as Freddie Chow, chief talent officer Asia Pacific at Sanofi, are director or vice president level HR professionals with regional responsibility.

To be held in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong in October, HR Tech Interactive is Asia’s only regional conference on HR technology strategy. Attendance to the one-day annual event is strictly by invitation only with invitations reserved for the senior in-house HR professionals. Attendance is capped at 100 delegates.

While the theme of HR Tech Interactive 2015 is the role of technology in organizational change, the topics the conference will focus on are: big data talent analytics, mobility for HR professionals, cloud-based people management, social media and collaboration, and next-generation recruitment tools.

To get a global and Pan-Asian regional view of HR technology strategy, do not miss HR Tech Interactive 2015.

Human Resources’ “interactive-style” conference format is a unique blend of case study presentations, panel discussions and roundtable discussions in which delegates work through five topic areas in a single day – an experience described by attendees as eight hours of intense peer learning.

Senior HR professionals interested in participating in HR Tech Interactive can visit the event website or call the following Human Resources staff:

For Singapore: Nikita Erpini, Regional Producer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +65 6423 0329

For Hong Kong: Darren Beck, Regional Producer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +65 6423 0329

For Kuala Lumpur: Evon Yew, Regional Producer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +65 6423 0329