According to SOCSO, this is in addition to the 180,449 job placements that have been successfully implemented from 1 January to 5 July 2021.

Under the recently announced PEMULIH package, Malaysia’s SOCSO, agency of the Ministry of Human Resources, is confident that it can help more Malaysians secure and retain employment this year with the various SOCSO initiatives.

According to the agency, it is “confident of realising 180,000 placements new jobs and retained 2.5 million workers in employment up to 31 December 2021.”

This number is in addition to the 180,449 job placements that have been successfully implemented from 1 January to 5 July 2021 through the MYFutureJobs Portal and the Recruitment Incentive Programme.

To achieve the target, SOCSO reiterated that it’ll make full use of the slew of initiatives under the PEMULIH package (shown below). One of which is the Career Generator 3.0 Programme’s recruitment incentive.

Career Generator 3.0 Programme’s recruitment incentive

In this initiative, organisations that create and offer new jobs are to receive 40% to 60% of subsidy that can cover the wages paid to local employees for six months.

Additionally, for employers who hire more locals for jobs usually filled by foreigners, this programme will relax minimum salary requirements, under the Malaysianisation Programme, from RM1,500 to RM1,200 a month.

Other benefits under Career Generator 3.0 include:

  • Training costs of up to RM7,000 for employees that include school leavers, new graduates as well as vulnerable groups, that is, elderlies, people with disabilities (OKUs), single mothers and ex-prisoners.
  • Employed candidates are to receive a mobility allowance of up to RM1,000 on a “one-off” basis when they attend training programs including certification courses professionals selected by the employer.
  • Contract period requirements for job seekers over the age of 50, OKU and ex-prisoners are relaxed from 12 months to six months.

Gig career incentives for short-term employment in the informal sector

Under this initiative, gig workers who are affected and unemployed due to the continuous movement control orders will receive RM600 a month for six months if they work a minimum of 10 hours a week through self-employment.

Employers who, on the other hand, provide employment opportunities for gig workers will then receive a one-off RM200 for each employee employed.

Job-seeking allowance

According to the agency, there are over 231,000 active job vacancies on the MYFutureJobs portal.

Thus, for Malaysians who utilise the portal to find work and attend interviews, an allowance of RM300 per month will be provided when they attend three interviews in a month for a period of two months.

Locals will also receive an incentive of RM400 when employed.

Job placements in private agencies

For employers in the private sectors, should they offer job placements to the unemployed, the graduates, or the school leavers, they stand to receive up to RM300 for each successful job placement.

Wage Subsidy Programme (PSU) 4.0

Last but not least, PSU 4.0. Starting from 1 August 2021, for the first two months, the programme will be open to employers in all sectors of the economy that have their income affected of at least 30% compared to before movement control orders (PKP).

For the subsequent two months, subsidies wages will be given specifically for the sectors categorised in the ‘negative’ list issued by the National Security Council (NSC).

Under PSU 4.0, employers can also apply for a salary subsidy of RM600 per month for all local workers without salary limit, limited to 500 employees per enterprise.

Applications for PSU 4.0 start from 1 August to 30 October 2021 here.

“SOCSO would like to remind all employers and job seekers to deal directly with the agency, and use the official website to submit all applications—not through other mediums such as social media.

“SOCSO also does not appoint any agent to implement any our initiative,” the agency reminded.

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