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Interns at Goldman Sachs expect to be homeowners in their 20s

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As the summer is coming to and end and interns are heading back to school, Goldman Sachs took the opportunity to find out that what these young people think about the future.

The investment banking giant surveyed its interns around the world, in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa about their lifestyle, spending habits and outlook for the future.   About 66% of the interns took part in the survey.

These interns from the class of 2016 expect to own their first house in their 20s before they have children or get married.  50 % says they expect to buy a house home in their 20s with 10% saying they will never do it.

As for marriage and children, more than half of the respondents expect it to take place in their 30s.

The surveys finds these young men and women are pretty down to earth with their spending.   An over-whelming 46% put a house as the most important thing to own, followed by a car at 27%, only 3% think it is crucial to own luxury items such as smartwatches and fancy handbags.

The interns also take corporate social responsibility very seriously, 94% said it is an important factor to consider when finding an employer.

Being brought up in the smartphone and social media era, the interns are used to receiving information through these channels.  37% of them read news on apps and websites and 22% follow social media for news.

They also love communicating with messaging apps, 22% said they cannot live without WhatsApp and 20% must have access to Facebook Messenger.

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