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Gen Z Entrepreneurship

[Infographic] Almost half of Gen Zers plan to become entrepreneurs

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While Millennials are turning to ‘side gigs’ to make ends meet, Gen Z is focused on working for themselves and only themselves.

According to an infographic by, almost half of Gen Zers plan to become entrepreneurs.

Among today’s middle and high school students:

  • 45% say they will invent something world-changing
  • 41% plan to start their own business

When it comes to what this generation considers important in a job, 72% prioritise good pay, 64% want inspiring work, and only 62% considered good benefits important.

Gen Z were also found to value social connections over work/life balance, as well as good day-to-day experiences over great benefits.

This generation has also been found to be more open towards alternative paths for learning such as online courses and resources.

View the full infographic below.

Gen-Z Entrepreneurship
Infographic and image / Online Schools Center

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