Singapore's government has released a guide to understanding the country's Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON).

DORSCON is a colour-coded framework that illustrates the current disease situation in Singapore, whenever there is an outbreak resulting in the spread of an infectious disease worldwide.

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This framework serves as a general guideline on how to prevent and reduce the impact of infections, after taking into account the current disease situation overseas; how likely it is to arrive in Singapore; how transmissible it is, as well as its possible impact on Singapore's community.

DORSCON comprises four statuses - Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red - with Green indicating a mild nature of the disease, and red indicating a severe one that is spreading widely.

In light of the coronavirus situation in Singapore, the following infographic fully illustrates the different statuses to be aware of:



As at about 2pm yesterday, (6 February), the number of confirmed cases in Singapore reached 30, according to the Ministry of Health. The DORSCON level remains at Yellow.

Note: Timely updates on the DORSCON status can be found on the MOH's page. 

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