German conglomerate Siemens has equipped its Singapore office at the Siemens Centre with smart workplace solutions to support a safe return to the workplace for over 650 employees and help lay the foundation for more agile and future-oriented working.

In a press statement, the global technology powerhouse shared, this allows employees to check the office occupancy rate, register their intention to work in the office, book a desk or meeting room based on predefined thresholds, receive company-related updates, locate co-workers, and more. 

The smart workplace solution is built on a foundation of intelligent IoT sensors by Enlighted Inc, a company acquired by Siemens in 2018. Location, usage, and building data from these sensors are integrated with a mobile app by Siemens-owned Comfy as well as combined with a wide range of features to connect employees to their office environment. 

The app administrators can define the daily occupancy limits, to comply with the government’s work-in-office and Safe Management Measures at the workplace.

Further, the app is also integrated with the Land Transport Authority’s open-source platform, Land Transport DataMall, allowing users to get real-time bus arrival information.

Dr Thai-Lai Pham, CEO of Siemens ASEAN, said: "The COVID-19 situation has not eased so we need to continue to be vigilant. Our priority is to protect our people. By rolling out our smart workplace solutions, we can provide more information to our employees, to help them make informed decisions about whether to return to the office or not, and if they do, they can do so with a peace of mind."

The Intelligent Workplace Platform also provides a dashboard of historical, current and future data of employees returning to the office, eliminating a manual and time-consuming tracking process. 

Dr Pham said: “The application is also supporting our new mobile working model which allows employees to work from home or wherever they are most productive two to three days a week.”

Siemens is currently deploying its Smart Workplace solution in about 600 locations, with the aim of making the solution available to 100,000 employees in 30 countries. The initiative is in line with the global “New Normal Working Model” announced in July last year, which was a result of a worldwide survey where employees confirmed their desire for greater flexibility and personalised solutions in the way they work.

siemens smart workplace solutions

Photo and infographic / Siemens