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In 2018, office interior design trends placed a great deal of focus on the comfort and well-being of employees. While this continues to be important, innovative, creative and multipurpose offices have also proliferated in the past few months. Times Square Chronicles has recently shared this year’s top interior design trends:

1. Co-habitation and experience-driven flexible workspace

Responding to employees yearning for work-life balance, companies spice up their workplace by blending the working environment with an entertainment hub. The leisure facility includes massage therapy and chiropractor consultation spaces, meditation areas, acupuncture and holistic medicine offerings, yoga studios and walking/jogging treadmills, rock climbing walls, espresso and cocktail bar, game rooms and virtual reality gaming spaces.

Companies also adopt an open plan office design, multi-use meeting areas, or portable wall dividers with lightweight, mobile furniture and comfortable couches and chairs to foster creativity and collaboration.

2. Biophilic design

From introducing more plants and green life to living verdant walls of moss, companies tend to inject elements from the natural world to their workspace and promote more eco-friendly business practices.

Other popular design includes the use of natural textures and themes such as wood and water.

3. Statement design with a company edge

Companies upgrade their otherwise run-of-the-mill walls to canvas for abstract or statement art that embodies the company’s personality and culture.

4. Vintage chic

The profound grace and subtlety of historic architecture, vintage decor or antique items is now widely recognised and appreciated, especially when it is a fusion of vintage and modern. Refurbished office furniture is also a cost-effective and sustainable choice.

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