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Hong Kong employees fear robots could take their jobs

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While HR pros grapple with time constraints and they need to introduce AI into routine HR functions – like job screening – Hong Kong’s workforce is concerned about the impact of automation.

Retail workers are the most concerned about machines taking their jobs – with almost half of those surveyed (46%) thinking it’s possible. Conversely, only about one in seven (15%) of those working in teacher training and education believe they could be replaced by robots.

Almost half (49%) of those surveyed believe that robots will have an impact on their roles. Of these, 66% believe it will happen in the next decade.

Nearly all (98%) Hong Kongers surveyed use technology in their role. Three in ten say their job involves technology significantly, 48% stated that it “somewhat” involves it and 19% don’t use technology “very much” in their job.

Tellingly, 72% think that robots and automation will lead to a loss of jobs overall in the wider economy. On the bright side, the remaining 28% believe that this wider adoption of technology will lead to job creation.

The findings are based on 838 Hong Kongers surveyed by YouGov Omnibus.

According to Jake Gammon, Head of Omnibus at YouGov APAC, “As we ride the wave of automation, it’s interesting to see the wide gap between those who think it will lead to job losses overall and those who think their role could be taken by a machine. The question will be whether Hong Kongers are able to adapt to upcoming changes in the workforce.”


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