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Here’s how an inclusive work environment benefits employees

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Fostering an inclusive work environment can increase satisfaction, innovation, trust and retention among employees, a recent research from Binghamton Unversity has revealed.

Studying non-profit organisations, the study’s author, Assistant Professor of Social Work at the College of Community and Public Affairs, Kim Brimhall found that increased feelings of inclusion are more likely to happen when leaders encourage the inputs and efforts of everyone, regardless of educational background or job responsibilities.

That leads to is increased innovation, employee job satisfaction and quality of services.

Brimhall said: “When non-profit organisation members believe that they are valued for their unique personal characteristics and are recognised as important members of the organisation, employee engagement, trust, satisfaction, commitment and retention improve.”

The idea for the research came when Brimhall, noticed how high employee-turnover rates, low work performances and deficits among leadership affected the non-profit sector. She then partnered up with a non-profit hospital to survey employees on the above-mentioned topics of leader engagement, inclusion, innovation, job satisfaction and perceived quality of care.

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